Nikon 5×15 High Grade Monocular Review

Nikon 5x15 Monocular
Nikon 5×15 Monocular

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If you’re looking for a monocular that is tiny and doesn’t take a hand as steady as a rock to use, check out the Nikon 5×15 High Grade (HG) monocular.

There seem to be two versions of the Nikon 5×15 monocular in the market. One is white and the other silver. One has the part number 7391 and the other 7394. One is often called the Nikon 5×15 High Grade monocular and the other the HG5x15D.

They both appear to be essentially the same Japanese made unit, so I will treat them as one and the same in this review. Continue reading “Nikon 5×15 High Grade Monocular Review”